Serguey Shilov

The Chronicle. Definitions of the Megascience
     Notes on fields of W. Heisenberg's 
"Physics and philosophy"
4. Consequence of Chronicle

Heisenberg wrote: "Looking back to the different sets of concepts that have been formed in the past or 
may possibly be formed in the future in the attempt to find our way through the world by means of 
science, we see that they appear to be ordered by the increasing part played by the subjective element in 
the set. Classical physics can be considered as that idealization in which we speak about the world as 
entirely separated from ourselves. The first three sets correspond to this idealization. Only the first set 
complies entirely with the "a priori" in the philosophy of Kant. In the fourth set, that of quantum theory, man 
as the subject of science is brought in throughout the questions which are put to nature in the a priori terms 
of human science. Quantum theory does not allow a completely objective description of nature. In biology it 
may be important for a itself belongs to the genus of living organisms, in other words, that we already know 
what life even before we have defined it scientifically. But one should perhaps not enter into speculations 
about the possible structure of sets of concepts that have not yet been formed. (End of quotation.) 

In the given final part of basic foundations of the Chronicle the case in point is, as a matter of fact, some consequences of the reflection of physics and mathematics. The Chronicle accomplishes the disputation of subjective constituents of modern physics which was begun by quantum mechanics. The constituents in 
question, if they sequentially were subjected to reflection, uncover a solipsistic nature of the megascience, 
i. e. that the physical world is generated by the whole of actual infinity of numerical series and this 
generation is expressed through the basic equation of time. The Fermat theorem is the pure description of 
the law of prime numbers and this law is identical to the form of time. Thus, the problem in question is not 
a "raise of an observer's role", but the discovery of "not-concealed", "constant law of matter's motion" 
(W. Heisenberg), the law of actual infinity of the numerical series' motion. 
The chemistry as the problem of a matter structure actually explores matter of numerical series. If the 
chemistry subjects to reflection the notion of the actual infinity of chemical elements it will allow to transfer 
a chemist's thinking from strategy of synthesis of elements with given properties to thinking supported by 
all infinity of chemical elements series as simple property of time. The chemistry is a plain concretion of the 
time machine as deconstruction of thermodynamics and construction of the chronicle accordingly. In many respects the structure of matter is a far-fetched problem, inasmuch as all real existence is disclosed by the actuality of numerical series. According to the Chronicle, laws and basic foundations of numerical series 

all reality of a matter. The matter is realized by reality of a numerical series, indeed. 
The fundamental law of the Chronicle is as follows: " The Great Fermat theorem proving is the law of 
prime numbers", it is a formula of chemical synthesis of elements with given properties, it is, properly 
speaking, any formula. 
The key outcome of basic foundations of the Chronicle is the theory of immunity. Immunity is a fundamental function of a chronosystem of any sort. Immunity is a mode, through which the system not only keeps itself constantly at sufficiently high level of organization, but also develops. Thus, immunity is quality of a system making it a chronosystem. The immunity is a physical concept opposite to the concept of an entropy. The immunity is the basic proof of fundamental principles of the chronicle. The theory of immunity in a formal 
aspect is uncovered by the basic law of the Chronicle. The immunity is a fundamental property of a chronosystem. 
The chronicle changes opinions on resource. The variety of the development resources is reduced to two foundations: energy and money. 
The chronoenergetics shows paths of the development of modern power engineering, which is burdened 
by materialism of modern physics, as a certain impasse. The chronoenergetics points out a possibility to rest upon properties of numerical series, upon the properties which express by their reality the principles of the chronicle. The chronoenergetics defines the particular path of development of a web (Internet as 
aroundabout road of development of the web, in particular) as a basis of access to time as to an infinite 
energy source, to a "perpetuum mobile of the first and second sort". 
Chronoenergetics is, properly speaking, a new economy based on sufficiency of resources. Money, as 
the resource of the lowest degree, will give way to primordial source of its own nature. The double formula time-money-time", "money-time-money" represents an essence of new economics. The chronicle, thus, is uncovered as scientific "ontological argument". The God has created the world according to the law: "The 
Law of prime numbers is the Great Fermat theorem proving". The principles of the chronicle which are the 
result of physical knowledge reflection, and fundamental law of the chronicle - law of production of space 
by time - which is the result of mathematical knowledge reflection (in physical application of the 
mathematical knowledge), represent in fact a scientific truth which is invariant in regards to the definitions 
of God, of Supreme intelligence.