*  *  * 

A neighbor hanged himself 
A fag squatted our basement 
I am slaughtering mosquitoes 
While reading a time-worn tome 

I go for a walk 
And to take out Timur the dog 
And meet Nily 
A quiet fool 

Our yard is edged 
With oleander bushes 
A cats' gang is sneaking 
Behind the bushes 

Here goes an Arab 
With his bucket 
He closely watches 
My dog 

Hi Abdallah 
How's the kids? 
Abdallah scratches 
His sweaty armpits 

Squint-eyed Yossi 
Is looking out of his window 
He is a drug-fiend 
And always begs for something 

I see that the sewer 
Is blocked 
And all shit 
Is afloat 

I bring 
My special device 

The shitpipe 

The better part of the afternoon 
Is over 
And I feel 
A healthy fatigue 

And return home 
To take a nap 
Me, the classic 
Of international reputation 

 Translated with Russian -
                       Viktop Gopman