The notes to a site: Nick Kronov - articles
(from the book źNoosphere. Cosmology. Christ doctrine╗)

I. The note of the author (author - Nick Kronov)

Dear reader, if you consider my works important or to say the least of it interesting, I wish you would save the texts because of fatal heart-disease of the author this site can soon has disappeared. Also you could publish this site URL in the catalogues and the guest books - Internet is too expensive for me. Can somebody also assist me in publishing the book? Thank you. I permit noncommercial distributing of the texts free-of-charge. I try to improve the English translation. 

I I. The notes of the web-master. 

1. Our acquaintance with scientific hypotheses of Nick Kronov has taken place in space the Internet. The texts of the author had originality and were read with interest.

2. This site was created in view of the request stated Nick Kronov in the notes to the texts (is marked red ß) and also for popularization and increase of number of his readers.

3. Our initiative does not relate to business and is not directed on extraction the profits - all rights belong to the author.